When Technology Meets Creativity….Kids become Superheroes!!!

Because YOUR 6 -13 YEAR OLD CHILD Can Now Use The "SCRATCH SOFTWARE" To Learn a HIGH-PAYING SKILL within 21 DAYS That International Companies Are Hunting For

The best part? 

They can easily do this without:

  • internet Fraud
  • Relying on Luck/Guess work
  • Over-stressing their brain
  • Waiting to be employed in a white-collar job.

And it's almost IM-possible to fail unless they don't follow dead-simple instructions at all.

Now after making over 10 Million naira in PURE-PROFITS, the SCRATCH creator has decided to share her best-kept SECRETS to save your kids from running the RAT-RACE of job-searching in future. 

Best part?

Securing A Seat In The Upcoming Explosive Mini-Workshop To Reveal This Is Programme Is Almost FREE Only For Early Birds…

Now your kid can finally use a SIMPLE SOFTWARE to build wealth for themselves in dollars where

  • They live freely while solving problems with their computers for international companies from the comfort of their homes.
  • Take care of their parents and retire them early instead of labouring until the compulsory retirement age 
  • Travel the world on vacations and escape working for a meager salary under a boss without the opportunity to achieve their dreams.
  • Stand out among their peers as computer geniuses while opening more doors for their parents in the tech industry with their well-practiced craft

And so on….

But before getting into details about what SCRATCH is and how it can help your kid…

Who am i in the first place?

Hi mum and dad, 

My name is Uzoma Ebere

I am a professional Computer Software Developer & Engineer with a 4-year experience who uses the "Scratch software" to work with Tech companies both in Nigeria and Internationally….

And funny part...

I still look like a 16 year old secondary school girl.

Don't believe me?

See for yourself….

Here's what some of my clients are saying after working with me

He's not alone …

You see…

It is no longer news that the educational system in Nigeria is living under a Cindarella-story. 


It's simple….

Let's face it

There are NO lucrative white-collar jobs waiting for your kid out there. Imagine as a parent, you send them to school with Millions of Naira.


Dont believe me?

Here's a politician recently saying this;


According to Dan Brown, Tech is already changing the way we Interact as humans. 

To build the life of our kids, there is no better time to teach them a HIGH INCOME SKILL.


Over 80% of Nigerians now have access to the internet! 


There is NO better time to have your kid build a skill around his computer. 


Let me show you;

Here is an 11 year old computer coding expert Joshua Agboola who is doing wonders with the SCRATCH programme already….

The Craziest part?

He started learning the Coding Language at the age of just SIX!!!!

That's not all….

Here is 9 year old Bassey Okpara Junior, who is now a Professional software developer. He successfully created dozens of Video games for Companies using the SCRATCH software!!!

All thanks to his Father who signed him up for the programme!!

Shocked right?

Wait till you see….

A 12-year old Tomisin who has successfully built a mobile phone application to help lost children call for Help using the "SCRATCH" software..

You see: 

It doesn't matter where you are right now in your child's journey academically.

But as long as you are…

  • A parent who have tried enrolling your child in a computer related class but without ANY progress.
  • Would like to build a life of financial freedom for them so they no longer need to depend on their parents to sustain themselves in the future.
  • You have been frustrated from searching for a mentor/teacher who can hold your kid by the hand and train them on practical steps to master computer coding….

Then permit me to introduce to you a Money-spinning Software


A computer Coding and development software making it possible for Kids to build


Let me tell you….

Back in the days in school, I struggled miserably to get a job after graduating from the university and even struggled to afford basic needs. 

Until I realized, 

To build the life you dream of, you MUST have something of value to exchange to the society. 

In this case, what changed for me?



 As a parent, I wouldn't know what dream you have with your kid right now 

Maybe you are: 

  • A lawyer who would like him/her to take over the family business.
  • A medical doctor who wants his kid to continue their legacy in the medical professional field.
  • An engineer for an automobile company looking to get hired in the future

Or maybe you haven't decided yet 

Now ask yourself:

Are these options better than having your child become tech geniuses, solve tech problems and work for some of the biggest brands Internationally with their Computers while earning in dollars???

Example …

Here is a 16 year old John Oseni, who is a successful software developer and website designer and has made Millions already on his own with the "SCRATCH" software while working for businesses both home and abroad.

To cap it all….

He now helps startups and companies locally in Nigeria with their website development and cyber security and now has a company of his own. 


In a moment, I will explain how to register your kid in the Upcoming 21-days Masterclass on how to build wealth with Coding using Scratch.

But before that, 

What is Coding all about???

It's simple. 

Coding is simply set of instructions used to create websites, mobile applications and create video games children enjoy during their leisure time.

  • Who is a coder and what do they do?

Basically, coders are tech savvy people who help companies achieve these dreams. Think of International companies like…

  • Quora
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Netflix

Among  a host of others all need computer Coders to solve problems for them on a daily basis!!!

Best part???

Kids from 6 to 16 years old can also perform these tasks successfully all thanks to SCRATCH!!!!

  • How can I enroll my kid to begin learning Scratch?

This is exactly what will be revealed step-by-step in the Mini-Workshop Coming up, including how they can practice easily without interrupting their normal daily schedules. 

All they need to do is follow simple instructions in the class to get started. 

  • The tools you need to succeed as a Computer programmer/Coder

You see…

There are lots of expensive courses out there, yet with nothing but basic information can hardly understand. 

The danger? 

The kid will get frustrated and pack up without getting the necessary help they need. 

Think about it….

What better way than for them to have someone coach them from the beginning so that NEVER get to figure out anything on their own?

Which is why in this 3-week Masterclass ….

  • We will start with the BASICS, slowly walking them through the Coding Language, what it truly is and what it's NOT.
  • We will move to exposing how to use the SCRATCH language of coding. 

This is where I will show them step by step

  • The A-Z mastery on how to design computer Video games  from genesis to Revealation
  • The FAIL-PROOF steps on building Computer applications from the start.

This is where your kid gets to learn the deepest insights on how to design applications for: 

  • Insurance Companies
  • Entertainment Industry.
  • Auto-mobile workshops
  • Tech-startups.
  • E-commerce companies & brands etc...

That's not all….

I will also take the pain to Expose the current hottest Trend in the tech industry worth over 2billion dollars already….


Now tell me….

Will there be an easier benchmark for your kid to kick-start their journey in computer coding than this???

Oh I forgot to add….

Just when you think this is where it ends….

I Will Also Be Sharing Complete Practical Insights on How They Can Quickly Master These Crafts With An Un-tapped strategy My Previous Students Are Now Using To Dominate!

Here are what they are saying about this strategy….

Naomi's kid now designs Video Games on his own with the secrets shared in the previous class and had this to say:

Here is Medina, whose kid has been doing wonders with "Scratch" and had this to say about my teaching methods

That's not all….

Here is Mrs A all the way from Angola whose child has already started creating cartoons!!!

Craziest part?

He only followed a simple strategy I shared in the class.  See what she is saying.

Amaka over here is already looking forward with excitement to the August Masterclass session and can't wait already. 

She had this raving comment to share.

They are not the only ones….

Even a student of mine, Idika Julia,  wished the classes were to last forever as she now practices freely on her own after attending the class.

What's the SECRET?????

It will all be Blown open in the 21 days MASTERCLASS!!!!!

Hold on…..

I didn't end it there!!!!

THE KIDS WILL ALSO BE SHOWN THE 3 SUBTLE WAYS TO SELL OUT EVERYTHING THEY WILL BE LEARNING FOR THEM TO BE ABLE TO SELL OUT THEIR CRAFT NO MATTER WHICH ONE THEY CHOOSE TO FOCUS ON (And No, we didn't simply simply teach them how to build these games…, but also showed them how to MONETIZE THE SKILLS, instead of simply playing with them for the sake of it).


It's not so easy for these companies to trust kids with their jobs.


Due to their perceived age and experience 

This is why they will be shown a trick that makes it nearly IM-possible for them to be rejected.



This and Many more will be exposed in the Explosive Mini-Workshop. 

Now by the time your kid is done with the class, 

He/she will have prepared themselves with a high- income skill to withstand the test of time in the future.

Now let me say this; 

Considering all the value your kid will be getting, 

Signing up for the class should NOT be less than ($50) - (45,000 naira)

But dont worry….

You will NOT be paying such an amount on this page 

But before revealing the ALMOST-FREE PRICE…..

Here's what I haven't told you.

Do you know that the Class will NOT be the only thing your kid will be getting?

Oh yes….

This is to 100% make sure they take FULL ADVANTAGE of this rare opportunity so they can master it quicker and easier.

Which is why I prepared these specially for their RAPID PROGRESS.


FREE & UNLIMITED ACCESS TO A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE containing different projects already completed.

This is an E-book to help them keep practicing consistently on their own even after the class. (WORTH $10 FOR FREE)

You know what???

Parents shouldn't be left out too, don't you think??

So which is why….


Parents will get a FREE LIFETIME ACCESS to a video training on how to set-up parental control on their children's devices.


As a mum/dad, don't you think it's important to keep track of the contents your kids are exposed to on the internet these days? 

Think about it….

This will help you monitor and protect them against harmful contents put out online. 

Your choice though. (WORTH OVER $12 FOR FREE)

And that's not all…..



Imagine getting continuous discounts on every child you enroll 

Sounds exciting, I know. 

Now saving the BEST FOR LAST!!!!



The craziest part?..

They will also get FREE access to the classes for complete 1 year!!!

They can now practice over and over again even after the classes on their own

(Worth Over $15 for FREE)

And when you think that's the end of it all???
Guess what?...
At the end of the classes, the kids get to engage in individual presentations on what they learned.
As a reward???
Your kid STANDS A GOLDEN CHANCE to walk away with a BRAND NEW CHROMEBOOK HP LAPTOP for FREE (worth over N150,000)
We aren't done yet...
Even though they didn't come first...
They also stand a SILVER CHANCE to walk away with  a DIGITAL TABLET DEVICE they can use to practice their craft at home. (NO, I'm not joking)
All for
Crazy right??
Stay with me till the end...

So you see…

With every plan mapped out for your kid in this class….

It is almost NOT POSSIBLE for them not to get it right. 

Let me ask you this now….

Considering everything that has been prepared for your kids success with coding from A-Z in this 21-DAYS MASTERCLASS where they will;

  • Learn some deep yet-to-be-revealed secrets about coding with "Scratch"
  • How to build an abundance mindset to propel them to success
  • An honest-to-none Support & Consultation  access even after the classes
  • How to take FULL ADVANTAGE OF "SCRATCH"  to create on their own
  • Video Games
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chat bot
  • Mobile Phone Applications 

Amongst a hot of other things. 

Not to forget….

  • How to position themselves as authorities to monetize the skill and he paid in dollars for solving problems for the International communities.

Back to the BIG QUESTION…..


Let me tell you ….

Considering everything, all these Materials are worth nothing less than 85,000 NAIRA….


Right here…

Right now on this page….

You will be paying nothing more than a meager amount of JUST 2,550 NAIRA FOR A SWIFT ACCESS TO THE EXPLOSIVE MINI-WORKSHOP  & EXTRA MATERIALS.



Too cheap you say?

Oh well, here is Mr. Kosisochukwu giving you a STERN WARNING

Here is Oluchukwu giving you a promise

Even what Neta Ofoma is saying is not left out

And yes….

I purposely made it this cheap. 

You know why?

I made access to these materials completely free at first, but noticed that alot took it for granted.

Let me explain: 

Some of the kids skipped a few detail and start asking questions already treated in the videos. 

So you'll agree with me that if they realise their parents paid for them to be here….

They will be left with NO OPTION than to pay attention.

So they will be getting UNLIMITED LIFETIME ACCESS to the class and all the materials and Bonuses for as little as N2,550

So how do you SIGN-UP,?

You may ask???.....

Simply Click on the Button Below and you will be redirected to Selar, a highly secured marketplace.

This is where you'll make your payment of N2,550.

Immediately your transaction is confirmed, you will be re-directed from there to a page where you input your name and email address.


Your Child's seat in the Upcoming class will be Confirmed along with all the Bonuses & Materials.

Why am I showing you this? 


  1. 1
    I am NOT teaching your child a get-rich quick scheme
  2. 2
    They MUST practice both with me and on their own and ask questions consistently to get it 100% right.
  3. 3
    The success I have gained with SCRATCH is a result of hardwork & consistency.

This are the exact values I will be impacting on your child today: 

So if you're NOT okay with that?

No hard feelings….

 STOP reading and move on  NOW….

Still here?

This shows you're EXTREMELY INTENTIONAL in securing your child's future against the harsh future economic situation waiting for them out there!

Save a Seat Here


I suddenly felt eager to reveal one HUGE INFORMATION you will be getting ACCESS TO in the class…

This has NEVER been taught by any expert and is part of my $197 course I got on Software programming. 

But the lucky ones will get this for FREE as well….


A 100% IRON-CLAD….

You know what???

Let me stop here to NOT make this too long; 

This will be exposed in the class.

Give your child a chance to financial independence now 

See you in Class.